Tara Drennan

Akashic Records

If you've been psyched-out, its time to get a psych-adjustment! Tara Drennan is the foremost linked psychic field at Anahata. By accessing your Akashic Records, Tara will guide you to the patterns that are open before you and allow you to cleanse your field as you find yourself falling towards the patterns that will serve you in this your emerging best life.

Tara Drennan offers soul-level guidance to help you move beyond your obstacles and challenges! Just by talking about your problems, issues, or hang-ups in the Akashic Records will create a shift or a healing. Many clients have said an Akashic Record reading is better than therapy! As an added bonus, the energy of the records brings a soothing and loving vibration.

Benefits of an Akashic Record Reading Include:
*Clearing blocks and stagnant energy.
*Receive deeper Insight and a new perspective on your circumstances and relationships.
*Awareness of the belief systems that are keeping you stuck in old patterns.
*Learn about past lives and how they are impacting you today.
*Get advice on how to address current issues and how to create what you desire.

Tara is now offering Metratronia Sessions here at Anahata as well! Check our "Our Services" link to access a description of this service :)


  • All of them.


  • $120 -- 50 minute session Akashic Records

  • $85 -- 40 minute Metatronia Session

  • Now available by appointment on Tuesdays from 10am - 6pm.