Krista Schwabl

Readings and Reiki

My name is Krista Schwabl, and I discovered the relaxing, healing potential of Reiki in 2016, when I completed level I/II Reiki Practitioner training through Luminous Tranquility here in Edmonton. Shortly after that, I became a registered practitioner, and this year, I completed Reiki Master Training.

In the past 3 years, I have discovered first-hand the benefits of combining Reiki with crystals and various forms of meditation. I therefore like to combine these modalities to help meet the unique needs of the clients that I serve. I also recognize that clients intuitively sense what their healing needs are. My purpose, therefore, as a Reiki practitioner, is to hold space and be responsive to whatever unfolds in the session itself, for the ultimate benefit of the client.


  • Reiki Master Level


  • Fees: I offer a 60-minute session, which includes a consult, a crystal oracle card reading and a Reiki session tailored to meet the unique needs of the client, for $60.

  • $60 -- 60 minute session.

  • Krista is available on Sunday afternoons.